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Welcome to Jayrad Bakery Supplies

Jayrad Bakery Supplies specialises in manufacturing and supplying bakery products to the baking industry and has been operating for over 25 years. Such products include bun divider plates, plastic shelving, machine guards, cutting boards, rolling pins, slicer combs, sneeze guards and spiral mixer guards.

We have the largest range of bun rounding boards in the country to suit any machine and we manufacture custom made boards within 5 working days. Our rolling pins are food grade and like our shelving are made of HDPE plastic and are FDA approved. We can custom make sneeze and mixer guards, counter top displays, slicer combs and cutting boards to your specifications.

We have Australia’s largest dedicated manufacturing facility for providing machined plastic precision components. The precise manufacturing techniques we employ have been proudly handed down from one generation of tradesman to another. Our company‚Äôs foundations are based on this traditional machining know-how combined with the latest generation technology.

As a result, we design, produce and assemble what experts agree to be the most precise products in Australia. All of our products are machined in house at our North Melbourne plant and are therefore Australian made.

We pride ourselves on quality, our service and value for money all at competitive pricing with a quick turn-around time. You can contact us either by phone on 1300 723 148 or you can email us at

We look forward to dealing with you in the future.