Bun Rounding Boards Divider / Rounder Plates

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Bun Rounding Boards
Divider / Rounder Plates

Jayrad Bakery Supplies manufacture and stock the largest range of red Bun Rounding Boards available in Australia. Made from a special blend of robust engineering plastics that is food grade quality, Our Boards will surpass the life expectancy of imported boards or cheap copies made from white HDPE.

Some of the Brands we manufacture are:
Fortuna, Erika, Dr Robot, Daub, Kemper, Rondo, Glimek, Oliver, Eberhardt, Dutchess, Nussex, Eshmach, Baker Perkins, Benjamin, Matchless, Sinmag, APV, Karodur.

If we don’t have your specific model in stock we can manufacture from your sample or template.
We can ship most boards/plates same day as ordered and can express post if required.

Ask about our quantity discount.
Payment by Visa, Mastercard or EFT is available.

Request a quote now or call 1300 723 148 to place an order.

Care Instructions

To ensure your boards last as long as possible please follow the simple care instructions below.

  • Make sure your machine is adjusted correctly for the thickness of the board.
  • Do not allow your boards to ride up on the locating stops or pin.
  • Check that your boards fit neatly into your machine with little movement.
  • Do not wash your boards in hot water, wash them regularly in warm water.
  • Store your boards on a flat surface or hang them on a wall.
  • Do not freeze your boards.
  • Do not dry your boards in a proofer or oven.